Drilling & Rig Services

Land Drilling

Avilah currently operates the largest land drilling rig fleet in the world, with approximately 500 rigs working in more than 25 countries and in virtually every significant oil and gas basin. We also have the highest number of high-specification rigs with more than 215 new AC rigs and more than 150 recently refurbished SCR rigs.

Many of our rigs were designed to address the challenges inherent in specific drilling applications like those required in the Arctic, the desert and the various shale plays where we routinely set drilling records. Many of our rigs are the most technologically advanced in the industry like the new PACE®-X rig, a step-change in efficiency when multi-well drilling on a pad. We continue to deploy new rigs and retire older equipment, making the Nabors fleet one of the newest and most modern in the industry.

Offshore Drilling

Avilah currently operates 48 offshore rigs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and nine other countries worldwide. The company is a leader in the platform drilling rig market with its innovative MASE® and MODS™ rigs, the latter designed to withstand the wind and wave action associated with deepwater offshore drilling. Two new 4600 hp deepwater platform rig deployments will be the largest and most sophisticated rigs in this category. Avilah was also a pioneer in the platform workover rig market with its SUNDOWNER® and SUPER SUNDOWNER™ series, rigs that can rig up, complete the assigned project and rig down in a very short timeframe.

Specialty Rigs

Nabors has built its reputation innovating and deploying rigs for some of the world’s most technically challenging conditions. We continue to upgrade and deploy high-specification desert rigs specifically for gas drilling in the Middle East and our coiled tubing drilling technology in Alaska is unmatched anywhere in the world.


We also recently completed construction of two rigs designed for logistically challenging and environmentally sensitive operations in the Far East and we are constructing two of the world’s most sophisticated deepwater platform rigs for deployment in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Our new PACE®-X rig is the latest generation rig designed specifically for multi-well drilling on a pad.

Rig Equipment

Avilah is vertically integrated and manufactures a premier line of drilling equipment through its subsidiaryCanrig Drilling Technology. Focused on safety and efficiency, product lines include automated pipe handlingand torquing equipment, drawworks, casing running tools, variable frequency drives and an industry-leading AC top drive that provides the basis for deploying the latest drilling efficiency software. The company has deployed more than 1,000 top drives, almost half of which are on third-party rigs, and serial number one is still performing in the field. We also manufacture K-BOX®, a programmable digital control system that equips both mechanical and SCR rigs to approximate the performance of newer AC technology. Canrig equipment is supported in the field by RIGLINE 24/7, which connects customers to Canrig technicians and accesses the company’s global service network.

Great for you

Avilah’s Drilling & Rig Services business division is composed of our global drilling rig operations and drilling-related services consisting of equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, optimization software and directional drilling services.